It is easy to just buy AdWords on other companies brand names, so easy it is almost cheating. The hard part is to rank organically on keywords in Google, and one of the hardest to rank for is other brands. But that is if you ask me, more fun. So that is why I registered the domain Quru.us and now is ranking well with this site on searches including Quru.

What can Quru mean?

  • Qurus is an administrative ward in the Karatu district of the Arusha Region of Tanzania.
  • Quru Chay or Quri River or Quri Chay is a river in East Azerbaijan province of Iran.
  • Quru is a company in Finland, earlier Kwantic. (quru.fi)
  • Quru is one of Europe’s fastest growing open standards specialist companies. (quru.com)
  • Quru is also in the Quran, and means “menstrual periods” due to Yahoo Answers. I did not know that, did you know when chosing your brand name? :)
    Lexically, quru’ can mean the time of purity and it can also mean the menses itself. However, the correct meaning in the verse is the menses as this is its most often usage by the Lawgiver and is the opinion of the majority of the Companions”
    -Laila at Yahoo answers

Quru is also this splendid site that shows you how much fun you can do with some search engine optimization! :)

Quru background:

This is on google when searching for Genero:

quru ads on google

More or less, the background is this. Quru is appearing in top of the results. The yellow thing at top of the Google result is an AdWords, bought advertising on searches for another brand, Genero. The easy part. You stay there as long as you pay. Then you’re gone. The harder part is to get in there with a result without the yellow background, a spot in the organic results. If you get there you will stay as long as ten other sites are performing better than yours, and it costs next to nothing. Like this site..:)

Quru ranking update

This site is now ranking on position 5 in Google when searching for Quru.

Getting closer..:)

// Best regards, Jonathan @ Genero

Quru quick facts
  • Qurus is an administrative ward in Tanzania.
  • Quru is a river in Iran.
  • Quru is a company in Finland
  • Quru is a open standards specialist.
  • Quru might mean "menstrual periods” due to the Quran
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